P2P Trader - Bank Account Freeze

It seems you are searching for information about a bank account freeze issue related to your P2P (Peer-to-Peer) trading activity. If yes, then you need help from the ODFC Cybercrime Helpdesk. 

Please follow these simple steps.

1. Reach out to ODFC: 

Contact the ODFC Cybercrime Helpdesk Chat. Provide detailed information about your situation, including any police notice with relevant transaction records and communication with your bank. Clearly describe the account freeze, the reasons cited by your bank (if any), and any suspicions of cybercrime or fraudulent activity related to your P2P trading.

2. Pay Upfront Fee:

You will be asked to pay a nominal upfront fee depending on your case. Please, pay it from your other account and keep the record of it. 

3. Co-operate with the ODFC Cyber Team: 

Provide any requested documentation or information to support your case. ODFC cyber experts will guide you through the process and help you address the issue step by step.

4. Follow instructions: 

Based on ODFC's guidance, take the necessary steps to resolve the issue, which may involve communicating with the concerned police department, your bank etc. Remember to stay calm, cooperative, and transparent throughout the process. ODFC Cybercrime Helpdesk is there to assist you in resolving the issue and unfreezing your bank account.

ODFC Cybercrime Helpdesk

Email 📬 cybercrime@odfc.in

WhatsApp📱 8779696580

ODFC 🇮🇳 Western √ WhatsApp 💬 8850585672


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