Financial Planning for Unmarried Couple


An unmarried status doesn't make a big difference in the eyes of our legal or financial institutions, as long as you can meet the end goals. The following are some financial products or services picked by ODFC team, you should be aware about being an unmarried or married couple.

👉 Joint Bank Account — 

Unmarried partners can open joint bank accounts and finance purchases together by co-signing loans. If you need a new joint account quickly with any reputed banks, chat at ODFC Helpdesk.

👉 Loan and Debt —

Your partner's credit history and debt won't impact your individual credit information, whether you're unmarried or not. Further, managing your debts with dedicated ODFC account managers keeps you stress-free.

👉 Health Insurance —

ODFC DSA provides the best offer in health policies for couples, if they have stayed together for a certain period.

👉 Auto Insurance —

Many insurers allow you to add a partner to your policy if you share a residence. Some insurers allow unmarried couples with separate vehicles to apply for joint policies if both cars are at the same address. Combining policies can save money, please check with your insurer for specific benefits.

💁🏻‍♀️ Always remember that, being a couple, what does matter is the trust and clear planning. Please ensure that, you mutually agree before taking any financial products or services! Feel free to chat with ODFC Helpdesk for any further guidance.

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